Monday, January 20, 2014

Final Year Midnight Tales

Its a beautiful Sunday night... Technically, it's a Monday morning, and while a host of normal people have their end-of-the-weekend sleep, I am up reading a perfectly tough course. Yes, I'm writing exams at the moment. Fun way to start my year!

I don't know who to blame... I have completed only the first chapter of my research project. Don't look at me like that. Its not that I'm lazy... maybe I am sometimes but here's the deal: My supervisor freaking put me on hold. Told me not to start the next chapter till she approved the first. I waited patiently, expecting my file back with a nicely written 'excellent job! Move to the next chapter'. Well, I got a handful of scribbles on each page which all boil down to redoing the chapter. And she deemed it fit to ask us to let her be till 2014. The lady is just diligent. Since I think it's her fault, I wonder why I ran and hid behind my friend when I almost bumped into her.
P.S- My friends are the type who have have finished their chapter 3 and keep talking about how they'll be done in a bit. Why would they do that to me? Talk about adding salt to injury. I'm happy for them but I'd rather be happy with them. *coughs*

I think I'm under a spell. I can't seem to stop talking about and craving weddings. Someone called me pathetic yesterday when she found out that I'm single. Biko tell her I'm normal; blame the society. As a girl, you're just programmed to start thinking marriage in your final year; whether or not you're ready. Bellanaijaweddings is my new fave iG page. All my friends are tired of hearing me say "Go and marry naa. Don't you want me to do asoebi this year?" It's not like I'm ready to get married or anything. Its more like...Truthfully, I have nothing to say in my defense. Blame my mum who won't let me rest with her incessant 'Early Marriages Are The Best' lectures. You don't even want to know about my cousin who is trying to hook me up with every medical doctor in Ibadan. She goes around promising them that I'll definitely give my consent and become their 'Mrs' as soon as I graduate. Stories that touch the left breast! Smh

I'm an over thinker, I think. Its still a couple of months to graduation and I already have the emotional 'how will my life be without my friends' moments. But really, this get-to-know-people-and-get-to-part-ways-almost-immediately business is getting old. Sometimes you look forward to the fresh start but then, are fresh starts really fresh?

Do you know how many final year events I have to attend this semester? I just pity dads this semester. The amount they'll spend on new dresses and accessories will probably be enough to start a building foundation. The joys of fatherhood! Is it easy to make your father a 'papa graduate'? Biko everything is business. Let them pay for the title jor.Lol. Still tryna figure out how to tax daddy as nicely as possible... Dear kids, don't over do it. As you can see, I consider my own parents before taxing them.

Hey! I saw one ultra cute dude today. Twas like in the movies. Lemme not even start with you guys. Finally it didn't matter cuz he is in his second year. Please don't tell me about emotional maturity. In these private unis, that's like an ss3 chic being with an js3 boy. *fast forward to the end*

So my business here is finished. I just didn't like that my blog was lying fallow... I hate to abandon you guys. Have I told you how much I love you guys? Forget that I don't know you on personal terms, you guys rock my world. I had to steal some time from my by-force sleep-combating I-must-make-an-A midnight prep time but you guys make it all worth it.
Ok Bye!
Wish me the best in my exams.... I need the best!


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