Saturday, July 13, 2013


   I'm on my way to something new...I got a job, well an internship with Citibank @ Lagos and my dad happily burst my bubble by opting for a road trip. Phew! Else, I wudav gotten my usual window seat and flown to Lag in less than 45mins. Trust me, the view of Nigerian untarred and jagged roads is nothing close to the view of clouds and the sky... But hey, it's more reasonable to make do with what you have right? So you see, I came fully armed with a tab, a kindle and 3 new books. I must not forget to add a long playlist and working headphones. However, I have succeeded in sleeping for the better part of the trip...I'm only human.

   I've been toying on whether or not to start writing a novel for some time now *pause* please think well before encouraging me cuz I have tonnes of incomplete works, hence disappointing previous "encouragers". Seriously, I think I wanna start and finish this time. Naturally, I was thinking of titles and themes and 'Illusions of wealth' is one of them. This post wasn't planned but by the time I decided I wanted to write something given the trend of my thoughts, I could think of nothing but 'Illusions of Wealth' as a topic. So, this is me borrowing the topic from myself for a blogpost. I'll definitely return it when the time comes.

    Just as I hoped, I got a seat by the window and started my sleep tournament. The bus driver deemed it fit to stop as often as possible for some reason......extremely annoying. This time, he stopped somewhere in Edo state. The place had a number of streams and he parked just by one, only we were on a higher plane. Just then, I noticed four kids taking a bath/swim and that had to be the most delightful bath/swim I've ever seen. They seemed so giddy swimming stark naked and splashing the not-so-clean water on themselves. I was enraptured by the scene especially when I noticed that one of the kids is about 3yrs old and was being thought howta swim by an older kid. I just kept kept staring till I called myself back....before my seatmate starts thinking I'm some perv checking out the lil black bumbums of the little boys.

    As I stared at the kids, I began to see that wealth isn't necessarily life and that many are living under the illusion that they have functional lives just because they have fat accounts.

   Wealth doesn't buy you some kind of happiness; you shudav seen the happy look on their faces or heard the ecstasy in their voices.

   Wealth doesn't buy you bravery, it can only boost your ego. It takes a wealth of bravery to let your kids including a 3yr old to go to that kinda stream without adult company. They didn't let the fear of kidnappers, drowning or catching a cold to keep them from having a blast with nature. Rich kids can only boast of memories void of the zing of nature...and prolly full of cartoons.

    Wealth doesn't neccessarily buy you a bright future; the fact that all those kids can only afford birthday suits when they go swimming today doesn't mean they can't afford better tomorrow.

    Everybody wants to be rich and successful and many forget to build actual lives in the process. We ignore opportunities to experience new things and pounce on any slight chance to earn more. Learn new things especially the weird and challenging: how to tango (definitely on my to-do list), surf, skii, fish etc.
Have a romance with nature and acquire the essence of life.
P.S: There's a huge difference between living and existing.


Thursday, July 11, 2013


So there's this really...well, you might call it 'weird' but I call it 'sensational'.... Yeah, so there's this really sensational thing I do where I talk to the eggs in my ovaries. Okay stop looking at me like that! People do weirder stuff... And no, I'm not pregnant so its not like I talk to an actual baby growing in me.

Here's how it works:
I see a picture of a really cute family and I turn to my tummy and say "hey kids (well they are kids to be so...), y'all should select the cutest and smartest four eggs and keep them safe. Don't tell me you lost 'em in a cycle...cuz I don't want any ugly or dumb kids". OR friends and I could be gisting 'bout our roles as mums and how we'd treat our kids and I'm like "Are you guys hearing? Y'all better be of good behaviour or daily cane una go dey chop". *not like I'm tryna scare them ooh* My mum says you should always speak life into stuff no matter how distant or non existent it might seem.

I'm not making this up, I actually do it.lmao. Now I know these are not real kids but you must remember that they are potential babies. And if real babies can hear and take instructions, they just might be able to do the same. They have a 'life' potential in them.

This applies to dreams and ambitions. Unrealized dreams are like eggs, still in their comfort zone. You must recognize your dreams and gifts as having the potential to be realized. You must believe that they can' be' someday and must not neglect nurturing them as such. It's like incubating an egg. The hen sends a message of warmth, care and hope to the eggs, and the chicks find in these the strength to hatch. I'm not sure that's precisely how it works scientifically...but hey! Its is my theory.

You must learn to think of the intangible as tangible to pull them into existence. Your dreams are a blueprint of your future which must be envisaged and related with. The tongue has made the world's greatest impossibilities possible. So why don't you explore that god-like capability embedded in you? And if you're dumb, like literally (no hard feelings), you can communicate with your eggs through your thoughts and actions...believe me, they can hear soundless voices.

So my point is,
Eggs in ovaries can eventually become human,
Shelled eggs can turn to be chicks,
Nothing has turned to be the world
And your dreams can turn to be the next you.
Talk to the eggs!!!... whatever they are.

Btw, yesterday I loosened my hair and I loved what i saw.. My real hair is near natural and I love it's bounce. So i rocked my natural afro like never before and I almost lost my voice saying 'thank you'  to compliments. Here are a few pictures I took.
P.S: Stop with the incessant use of hair relaxers and stuff... Excessive use of hair chemicals is bad for hair growth and health. Expect a post on DIY tips for the hair.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I'm so pissed right now, my brain hurts (whatever that means). I planned for today's blogpost to be great but due to the circumstances at hand, I'm here to rant.......listen and sympathize. P.S- I feel like biting my tab to tiny bits

Firstly, i haven't been able to reply my readers' comments and I apologise for that. However, na this stupid tab and im wahala. When you go to your "
Post and Comment" settings, it's supposed to look like this

but mine looks like this-

. So as you can see, options 2 to 5 are missing. I've gone thru all settings and I can't figure it out. How can a blogger not reply comments? This is so annoying. I've Googled and Googled again but still, I've got nothing. *screams for 20 secs*

Secondly, my swipe keyboard disappeared after a software update....
Now see what i have to doesn't even have a 'CAPS LOCK' key. :( It's so annoying to type with... I WANT MY SWYPE BACK!!!

Right now, I hate computers... they've succeeded in making a supposed beautiful morning a horrible one. *exhales* I tried downloading the swype keyboard but you'd need a visa or master card for the purchase and unfortunately, I use a verve card. Whew!! My forehead aches, my brows have been creased for over 15 mins.

So please drop your comments telling me what to do especially about the comment ish..
Finally, I'm so freaking angry + the weather sucks... I thought I thought I'd feel better after this rant...but i feel the same. Hope y'all are having a better day?

Monday, July 1, 2013


My disposition of weddings has been a function of phases of my life. When I was kid, I loved them. I was in almost every bridal train. I didn't even have to know the couple; I just had to be the sister-in-law's friend's daughter or the tailor's daughter's friend. Fabulousity tho.. When I grew into my teens, i hated weddings; sheer waste of time and Lawd, they were boring. No one was my mate, you'd find the couple, kids and adults. Finally, NOW! I totally dig them. My friends are getting married so i can relate to being a part of the whole thing and secondly, it's a sure way to keep up with fashion trends. You also get to doll yourself up and get a couple of 'hi's and 'hey, your daughter is so grown and pretty'. Bottom line is that i'm at the exciting phase.

The paragraph above is not even my main point. My point is that these days, the couple barely know half the people coming to help them spend their money all in the name of celebration. I attended a wedding a week ago and it was some experience. The couple are from high-brow families so the high and mighty in Imo state were present. I sat with my sister on a table next to a table reserved for a permanent secretary in the state. Just then, two old men came and sat on the table knowing fully well that it was reserved for someone else. One of the men was just screaming about not standing no matter what happened. He even went further to displace the tag by placing it under the flower vase, thinking no one saw him... He just had to be a wedding crasher or at most, a random villager. It wasn't my wedding but i was ultra pissed on behalf of the couple. I was fuming by the time refreshments landed. These brutally shameless men devoured everything that passed by them with avid impunity. The most irritating part was that i could hear the "schlop schlop" sounds they made while chewing. As if that wasn't enough, they chewed with their mouths so open that i could practically see their tonsils (hey! I'm entitled to the use of hyperbole). It took all the self control i had not to make a video of these dudes. You'd have thought that would be the limit but... *exhales* When it got to the presentation of gifts, the more aggressive man got an envelope from an usher and proudly filled it with about a hundred-and-something naira. I just hadta my mind ofcourse.

My point is that it is simply awful that such people take the responsibility of stealing the glamour off these weddings. Honestly, most of 'em are random people from the village who would gladly seize the opportunity to grab a good plate of rice, and they do not know the difference  between their town/village meetings and weddings. At that wedding, some dignitaries who initially had tables reserved for them had to stand awhile before alternative arrangements were quickly made. That might have ended differently with the actual guests upset and the hosts embarrassed. I attended a wedding some time ago were something similar happened just because a bunch of random villagers chartered a bus to the wedding venue. I'm not saying weddings are for only city folks oo. I just think there should be a way to ensure that entrance is strictly by invitation. Ofcourse there'll be few exemptions but then the town meeting syndrome slowly creeping into wedding scenes would have been minimized to barest minimum.
In all, the wedding was a great one. Congrats Nwanne and Ogb.
For the records, that's me on that day and there's my lil sis in the lil black dress. :)