Thursday, February 27, 2014


My darling readers,
       Thanks for answering to this summon… I know you did cuz you’re reading this. I’ll skip all the pleasantries cuz no be everyday lover go dey mood. You’ll have to look at this on two planes. Its either you see this as ‘para’ or as ‘pleading’. Yeah!
       Unto more vital monologues…. I am tired of this one-sided flow. It takes two to tango but lately, I don dey dance alone. When I started this blog, y’all used to come and comment and I always had this grin plastered to my face. Now my grin is gone. Why? Because y’all don’t drop me comments anymore. Yes, that’s why. *straight face*
       Don’t get me wrong; lately, my traffic feed has had an awesome boost but then y’all just come, read and go. Let me expatiate:
*      It’s like a wife being hot and all dolled-up every night without giving oga some sugar…… YES!
*      It’s like a car having a tank full of fuel but having no oil. How you wan make e take move?
*      It’s like attending a wedding without giving the couple a gift… Yes, they’ll be happy you came but the hall and the rice wey you chop na money. Everything na business oo.
*      It’s like giving my late dog, Sashi, bones. She loved bones but she’d always preferred a good layer of flesh over the bones.
*      It’s like giving a vampire a blood bag. All na blood but they’d rather have a warm creamy dose from your neck.
*      It’s like having a 10/10 in a quiz without having the teacher write ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’ on your script.
*      It’s like a blogger smiling at her traffic feed till she sees her comment box and goes like “Why did they not comment naa?”
       Now that I’m done para-begging, I’ll just say thanks to all my readers. This is a new blog and despite my inconsistency because of my tight schedule (These lecturers want to kill somebody with work oo), I’ll say it’s been a success. Thanks for the visits, facebook shares, retweets and COMMENTS. They are really encouraging…. I love you guys….(But you know I have to say that so you guys would keep coming back…lol).
       Okay!!! Enough of the mushy stuff…  Kindly get your awesome self to my comment box and drop a few words.


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