Monday, March 10, 2014

Remember Me!!!

Hello beautiful people,
I wrote this on FRIDAY, 18th January 2013. Hope you enjoy reading it.... Umm...I might have added some sugar. :D

Its funny, how we don't wanna relate with strangers when we are pretty much strangers to ourselves. Maybe its me but sometimes, it gets that awkward.
I think i know myself until i do something really unexpected and start to ask myself with a raised eyebrow 'Was that really you?'. I didn't think it was a big deal till i had to fill a slum book and spent about an hour staring at the "About Yourself" section.... I know what you wanna say. *Covers face*

I hate how i lose track of myself sometimes..
Who forgets who they are? Who thinks for hours before they can answer the question "Who are you?"?
I think the truth is that nobody's got it all figured out. And sometimes, you need a whisper in your ears, reminding you of who you really are.

So take pictures, make videos, record moments, capture memories, write down your thoughts and save your words in the hearts of those who love you. One day, you might them to save the day.
The photo albums will tell your story,
The videos will show how you lived,
The memories will keep you at ease
And the words you saved in the hearts of loved ones will spring forth and revive you.

So for the records, here are some things you might wanna know about me....
- I cry for practically every movie I see...including 'Ramona and Beezus' so stop me anytime. On an occasion, My friend even took her laptop away and asked me to leave her room.
- I haven't broken my touch barrier. I can't tolerate being lapped. That has to be the most uncomfortable thing you'll have me do.
- I'm so scared of heights. I dread climbing stairs. Pedestrian bridges literally raise my blood pressure and all the goose bumps beneath my skin break free.
- I think I'm a really nice person... Half of my friends say I'm wrong though. #PrettyLittleLiars
- I can't taste honey; I'll get nauseous on the spot.
- I take so much milk; cows are probably planning to take public revenge on me. I'm lucky they are not carnivores.
- I'm a hopeless romantic. My heart skips a beat and my tummy gets this weird sensation when I see a romantic scene. This feeling has never missed any roll call. And hey! I used to have pictures of kissing scenes from every movie i had...Call me crazy!
- Bad breaths and body odor creep me out. On meeting anyone, One of the first things I do is try to get a good view of the insides of his mouth. Just playing safe. *Covers face*
- I pray everyday to have a wonderful love story... The angels will be startled if they didn't hear me say that in a day.
- I have a strong dislike for gender victimization. My blog post titled 'My Sex, My Cross' covered this aspect.
- I think of life beyond here everyday.

*Clears throat*
I'll leave you to digest this. I must say that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm more amazing than this; you'll hear the rest soon. *wide grin*
So I'm just tryna say you should know who you are, do all you can to preserve 'you' and live your life to the fullest.
A friend once said to me "Do not regret anything that ever made you smile". . .


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