Saturday, June 29, 2013


Trying to stop yourself from getting a writer's block can be no easy sometimes. This is one of those times. It's funny how i get a thousand and one ideas on stuff to write about and lose inspiration almost immediately. It's like your thoughts are leading you on and desert you once they've aroused the inclination to respond to the emotions seeking expression. SLY BCH!!   So on this day, i was sitting in the chapel  and it hit me like TAKE A SHIT** This write up has been in the anal section of my creative system and it's hi-time it got out of my system. So while you think I'm writing, I'm simply taking a poop.... well, a metaphorical poop. Now, this doesn't mean that what I'm writing is shitty or crappy. You'll understand my drift as you read on.
Oya ooo, for people wey dey form say dem  no dey SHIT or for those wey dey talk 'eww' for everything plus including their own name, this might seem alil  ewwy at first but it really isn't.  

Honest people will admit that taking a poop is one of the most relieving activities ever. Ofcourse you won't understand if you've never had to lock 'it' in for a couple of hours for some reason. It is a totally horrible experience..the discomfort, the pain, the heightened self consciousness and ofcourse the extra effort made not to laugh hard so that 'you don't unleash the dragon'. Now that's a real pain in the ass. Now, this doesn't apply to just residual waste from all the junk you eat. It's quite broader than that.  

Many people carry around a wealth of ideas, concepts, dreams, ambitions etc with either no means or will to let them out. Thoughts are thought to be expressed. Dreams are dreamt to be realised. Every pregnant woman seeks delivery. Carrying these talents and graces about and keeping them bottled up is as hazardous as carrying about a shitload of by-products. People have different excuses for not expressing themselves or for keeping talents locked up and many of them are justified, but is that really the answer? I remember an incident in which i was so pressed (as in to wee wee)... My people, that day water pass garri ooh. Nazzy wey dey form say na she sabi etiquettes of womanhood pass con start to dey beg say make dem use motor block am make she piss for road. And if one more second had passed, i would have "LET IT RAIN".  

So my point is stop holding it all in. Your gifts are no secrets. Tell your stories, recite your poems, sing your songs, spell out your imagination, evangelise the proceeds of your matter how crappy they are. You might prolly get a couple of sneers and boos but it the end, you'll be relieved and you would have learned howta make it better the next time. Whatever the barrier is, strain every nerve you've got to push thru.

When the flowers are tended, they are a garden but when they are not, they are simply a bush. TAKE A SHIT!

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