Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pictureless Posts :(

Technology can be so annoying. I have a couple of write-ups in my draft folder but thanks to my tab, All those posts might just be bland. The very unfortunate reason is that my virtual memory is low. What the hell is a virtual memory???  At this point I'm beginning to think I should have listened more in those computer classes.

I wouldn't have cared less about this virtual memory thing but it's stopping me from uploading pictures to my blog and a new blog with no 'zing' is bad market ooh. A blog should be reader-friendly right? I googled the solutions to this problem but i couldn't  really decipher the long story. So pls can anyone tell me what to do in a layman's language?.

For now, I might have to post a couple without any pictures. After all, no be picture dey determine if wetin you write go make sense or not. So y'all should sit back and wait 4 the TRIBE WARS coming soon.

So I hope everyone's having a fab week...

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