Sunday, June 23, 2013


Welcoming myself
Since there's no welcome party, I've decided to celebrate myself. So, YAYYY!!! I'm finally a blogger. You probably don't understand because you don't know how long its taken me to kill procrastination (trust me, dat na better manual labour). Honestly, its a bit more than that. I write almost every day, well except those periods when a writer's block creeps in. But hey, what better way is there to birth your ideas, communicate emotions, vent your anger and just rant??? Papers work all the time cuz they do nothing to aggravate the anger or insult your thoughts. They simply listen and proudly tell the world what you think.

This is my first post and i really don't wanna start by boring you with long stuff. I took +Okechukwu Ofili's advice and dived right in and the water isn't so cold after all. Here's how it worked: I'd write and smile at my work then when its time to go public with it, I'd be like "is it that good?" or "am I that good?". That attitude progressively slowed me down and in as much as I knew I was good enough, I couldn't go all the way. You gotta believe in products to sell 'em. So here's me believing in me. 

*exhales* This is a lifestyle blog that will be encapsulated in my personal experiences and knowledge. Believe me, I'll keep you wanting more. So if na funny tory or fashion oo or relationship matter, all go dey on board especially for una wey be contemporary African babes. Two more things, I'm proudly Ibo (:D ...i just hadta say that) and the name's Nazzy.

Thanks for visiting my blog as empty as it is right now. I'll stop here so i can go do whatever it is that new bloggers do on sunny afternoons. 


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