Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I'm so pissed right now, my brain hurts (whatever that means). I planned for today's blogpost to be great but due to the circumstances at hand, I'm here to rant.......listen and sympathize. P.S- I feel like biting my tab to tiny bits

Firstly, i haven't been able to reply my readers' comments and I apologise for that. However, na this stupid tab and im wahala. When you go to your "
Post and Comment" settings, it's supposed to look like this

but mine looks like this-

. So as you can see, options 2 to 5 are missing. I've gone thru all settings and I can't figure it out. How can a blogger not reply comments? This is so annoying. I've Googled and Googled again but still, I've got nothing. *screams for 20 secs*

Secondly, my swipe keyboard disappeared after a software update....
Now see what i have to use...it doesn't even have a 'CAPS LOCK' key. :( It's so annoying to type with... I WANT MY SWYPE BACK!!!

Right now, I hate computers... they've succeeded in making a supposed beautiful morning a horrible one. *exhales* I tried downloading the swype keyboard but you'd need a visa or master card for the purchase and unfortunately, I use a verve card. Whew!! My forehead aches, my brows have been creased for over 15 mins.

So please drop your comments telling me what to do especially about the comment ish..
Finally, I'm so freaking angry + the weather sucks... I thought I thought I'd feel better after this rant...but i feel the same. Hope y'all are having a better day?

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