Saturday, March 22, 2014


I know we Bowenites are supposed to be worried about the closure of our school and how it affects us. Fortunately, today I had such a great day, I couldn’t be bothered. As at yesterday when my friends and I got to Ibadan, the plan for today was to go to the movies and hang for a couple of hours. Good plan ey? Well, today the plan turned awesome.

I got a call early this morning from a close friend. Let’s call him ‘M’. So M called me this morning and said a couple of our friends were planning to hang out at Premiere Hotel. They wanted to swim and wanted me to be there. Since the plan was different from my Shoprite-Cinema routine, it sounded like a good one. Besides, A and T were gonna be there. There are some of my closest guy friends. I then called my twinnie to ask if she was interested. She got the consent of some of our other friends including A’s girlfriend. All of us were supposed to meet at the hotel by 1pm.

At 1pm, my phone was constantly buzzing with everyone asking me where I was. Unsurprisingly, at that time, I was just getting out of the bathroom and struggling to put on my makeup with all the sweat trying to make sure I couldn’t. Eventually, my friend, Franciara and I left the house to the venue. Of course, everyone else was at the hotel.

To cut the long story short, we got there and met our friends eating, drinking and swimming. None of us girls wanted to swim so we sat watching the guys who swam a bit, came back to us to play, gist and drink, and returned to the pool. Some kids were brought by staff of a swim school and it was a delightful to watch them learn. Some of the kids in the advanced class shamed me as they swam with such grace at the deepest end. I must learn how to swim and stop wasting swimsuits.

After about an hour, one of the girls went to the playground to swing a little. The rest of us didn’t give her any thought until we heard her squeals. One after the other, we left our table for the playground and that’s where the fun started. All of us forgot that we are final year university students and played like crazy kids. Everyone tried to swing the fastest and highest and my goodness, we girls can scream our lungs out. The merry-go-round was just the icing on the cake. The boys did the pushing while we did the squealing and unconsciously made the ugliest faces known to man. One of us fell in the bid to jump out cuz the speed scared her so much. Luckily, she didn’t get hurt and her boyfriend was there to carry her up and cuddle and bla bla.. Talk about love! The seesaws were amazing as well. We took a lot of pictures and tried to limbo. It was fun! The last time I played this much, I was in primary school and it wasn’t this exciting because it was a norm. We didn’t care that we are adults or that we are supposed act in a certain way. We stole the damn show with no regrets. Afterwards, we all left the playground and got plates of Asun (severely peppered chunks of goat meat). I dunno who ordered our murder but the pepper was deadly. Bottles of water were downed in less than 3 mins yet everyone kept dancing funny and fanning their open mouths with their hands. It was a funny sight to behold.

After we all parted ways, Franciara and I went to the mall to get a box of pizza before heading home. We ended up buying the pizza and a huge chocolate cake called “Black forest”. I also bought some other personal items. So much for getting just pizza *rme*. We then went home to make dinner and devour our purchases. The pizza was awesome while the Black Forest was more like bread with icing. The icing and topping were great though.

I’d say it was a great day; the best I’ve had in ages. It was different from the regular adult fun. I dunno who else had a great day but I’d say there’s something about today. I was reminded that once upon a time, I was free with no problems and that I can still feel that kind of freedom despite adulthood and the hard times.
I hope you all had a reason to smile today. If you didn’t, I hope you were affected by the joy in my tale. J

P.S: I'd have loved to put up all the pictures but for some reasons (*listing 'em in my head*), I'll leave you with the three at the top. I didn't put up any with the ugly faces I mentioned earlier; was scared I might send y'all running, and I need my readers. :D

Have a great weekend!

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