Sunday, April 27, 2014


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I welcomed Friday with anticipation; he’d give me the love and smiles I wished for when I was with Thursday. However, I got stress, anger and fatigue tossed at me. What a horrible day I thought as I laid my head on my pillow. I prayed for tomorrow to be better but deep inside of me, I did not trust Saturday with my wishes. At least I’d be alive to see a day; that was enough for now.

As I roamed the distant lands of dreamworld, Saturday made plans to sweep me off my feet. I woke to a beautiful sunrise and birds chirping gleefully in harmony. This from my lover was breakfast in bed. He sent the gentle breeze to caress my cheeks and send my tussled hair flying. I smiled at the day; he was everything other days were not. I got into the shower and the water temperature was just right this morning. As the water sprung from the tiny holes and formed a delta as they ran down my body, I thought to get to the beach. I wouldn’t waste this beautiful day- he was giving the best of him to me. 

I had just put on my beach hat and picked up my car keys when I heard my doorbell ring. I got to the door to see a box of chocolates and a green note waiting for me. The note said “Have a great Saturday. From a secret admirer.” I smiled at myself. Saturday sure knew how to be romantic. 

At the beach, the sea gulls called my name as they made a show of their splendor. They’d soar high and quickly swoop down, hitting the waves with their wings as they reached for the sky again. The trees swayed and bowed as I passed through them as though they had seen the daughter of God. The horses neighed and bopped their head each time they strutted past me; their version of a hello, I guess. As I stood at the shore burying my toes in the loose, obedient sand, I tried to look past the horizon but some waves rose so high, struggling to gain my attention as well. All elements of nature sought to win my heart with their awe-inspired acts. After all, Saturday had introduced me as his woman. All elements were to treat me right. Today was to be the compensation for the horrible days before this. As the wind caused my dress to billow and caps to fly off heads, I thought I could hear the voice of God asking me to accept and be thankful for today; he had sent Saturday especially for me. 

As I got into bed, I could still feel the day’s presence and the romance in the atmosphere. This was a day like none I have had in ages. I closed my eyes and I whispered a thank you to no one in particular. Tears stung my eyes as the day came to an end. I had known love, romance and tranquility. “I will wait for you Saturday. I will. I hope that when next you come, you’ll be the same if not better” It began to pour as he handed me over to Sunday. I knew he would miss me as well.

I'm back and I really missed all of this.

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