Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I know! Don't stone me, it wasn't intentional. I'd never abandon my blog and readers for no just cause. Lemme spare you all the excuses. Pele my people. Feel free to call me the prodigal blogger. The only difference is dat there's no welcome party here. I was expecting new clothes from you guys and a party. After all, that is what people who run away from home deserve. That prodigal son must have had a blast that day oooh!

I have been busy working as an intern at Citibank and it has been awesome. The other interns are on point. My colleagues are cool as well. As for Lagos, dat na anoda tory. To start with, I dunno why I should be in Lagos and have any dull moments so if you are in Lagos, raise up your hand!

I'm glad I'm doing this, my C.V is putting on some weight and my excel skills just got a lot better. Thank God for staff buses oooh cuz I dunno how I wudav been hustling every morning. The only day I tried it, my white pants were looking like white and brown Ankara prints by the time I got to work. Unfortunately, that was the first day of the program. #painful

Unto non-work issues... I'm now on instagram>> @nazzy_negrifille. This is for the friends who wanted to break my neck for not being on IG.
My dreams of getting an MIT masters just got dashed. Don't ask me why! American schools can be annoying. All my choices offer PhD programs in my course except you get in and drop out after ur masters thesis. Something like that. Pfft!

All the things I wanted to tell you guys are speedily leaving my head. So much for returning with gist! Bear with me jor..
Ehen! I have to say making videos for ur blog no be beans. S/o to Sisiyemmie; you go gurl. I have made over 20 videos over the last couple of weeks and they have been ............ *I have no words cuz I dunno* whenever it's time to upload the vid, the devil starts showing me faults like eye bags, smeared mascara or some grammatical error or even how rumpled my collar is...unfortunately, I heed the voice and cancel the upload. I'll have to upload the next vid no matter how imperfect it is.

Where do people get fine husbands from? That's a serious question cuz at my work place, it's like there's a family ad going on. Everyone has posters and pictures of their hubbies, wives n kids all over their cubicle....and they have lovely families. On one occasion, I kept staring at the picture of one lady's husband, she had to call me back. The disadvantage is that the people with ugly wives and husbands will suffer from inferiority complex... Plus, if u wear a ring and ur cubicle is pictureless, ppl will prolly think ur tryna protect the family image. Lmao.
I hereby declare that "I must marry an ultra FINE man". My kids shouldn't suffer facially cuz love is blind...

Let's not forget my fight with MTN. Did you hear that boko haram went to MTN office at V.I. It was actually me. On Friday last week, I sent N6, 500 to the SIM card on my WiFi device. I immediately got 12 notifications from social media and next thing, the money got wiped. I called mtn guys 9 times over the weekend and they kept saying they would reslove it. By Monday, I left work and went there to give them a piece of my mind. Initially, they said nothing could be done, that I browsed out of bundle. How can 12 notifications consume that amt of money? The dude even said I had to pay an extra amount. By the time I was done huffing and puffing, I got my refund back. Dats how N6500 wudav entered voicemail. Mtchew. Thanks to one MAN guy who took up the case unresolved it. :D

Let's not let boredom creep in with the length. I'll just shut up... Expect throwback posts from me i.e. stuff I wrote before started blogging. You'd love 'em. Promise.
If u wanna see some pix of wat I've been unto for some time, check 'em out on instagram.
Below are a few pictures tho... I know I exaggerated the how stained my white pants were... *hyperbole=sweet gist* Really, they got stained... :|

#firstdayatwork I dunno where the 'BLACKNESS' came from.


I'm so glad to be back!

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