Friday, August 23, 2013


You know the game subway surfers right? I freaking love the game...who wouldn't? Abeg I'd rather have a cop chase me on tarred roads than have those nameless beasts in temple run chase me... Have you seen those temple run roads? Jagged and broken in half; so difficult to run on. The Governor of the temple run kingdom has to be worse than all the Nigerian governors put together. Now to my point, I would say I have a pretty analytic mind. So while people see stuff and let them pass, I tend to get a couple of insights off the situation.
I play subway surfers almost everyday and on an occasion, I just began to see it from a different perspective; like it was a lesson. Lessons are there to be learnt right? I likened it to life as a race.

    Firstly, there really isn't a major a trophy or something. Well, apart from Heaven which applies to only Christians. So it's like you're just there to live right; be fast and be consistent. Being careless can be disastrous and just somehow, life gets tougher as you go on, no matter how much you achieve. However, there are never-ending goals and missions. It's like every milestone is a stepping stone.

   Secondly, those mystery boxes and pop-up trophies taught me that life in itself has pop-up bonuses that are there to spice up your life no matter how bad things are. They might not have any adverse effect when not taken but could mean a whole lot if taken. For instance, when you lose a mystery box, it takes nothing away from you but if you take it, you just might have yourself stuff as little as  2 hoverboards (which ofcourse are lifesavers) or as much as 5000 coins or a megastart.

     Thirdly, Don't lose all for nothing. In as much as you want to grab those pretty lil trophies etc, see if making that move may cost you the race. Sometimes, we wanna make a quick grab and then we just crash.
Discernment is vital in the act of living. Take the super sneakers for example, they are so awesome they make you feel like a bird. You get to jump so high and far that you forget that you have no control of the height or distance of the jump. So sometimes you jump right into a moving train. Sweethearts, sometimes when things are too good to be true, it's a warning to be careful. You don't wanna lose everything for a some spur-of-the-moment excitement.

     Fourth, Learn from your mistakes. Ideally, a mistake made once should not be made again. Sometimes, the surfer makes a move and crashes into a train or trips and falls. Nobody expects the same thing to happen in another race. Mistakes shouldn't be habits. Always try to know what it is you did wrong and how you can avoid such. Learning from your setbacks and actions always makes you a better you.

      Fifth, You are always being chased. Never be at ease. See that cop and his dog, they represent the bad guys that are always after you. Nobody has a trouble free life; it's either people from your village or those at work or random onlookers. Your bad guys may even be inanimate challenges. There's someone after that position of yours at work or in class and so you have to put in your best at every point in time. Sometimes you think nobody's after you and you relax but that's when you have to tread carefully. It's funny how the surfers run swiftly without any sign of the cop and make one teeny mistake and boom!!! There's the dude and that bingo of his.

     Sixth, Always have  a fall back plan. That's why I happily spend my coins on those hoverboards. They are amazingly safe. You crash but don't die, can you beat that? Many people in reality live their lives and acquire so much without so much as a thought as to what happens if the crash. There's only one word for it: FOLLY. The good book says ' In all your getting, get wisdom' and there is no better way to put it. Always have something that'll cushion the effect of a bad fall... It could be an insurance policy, an investment or even a hoverboard.

     Seventh, Enjoy yourself. Why do you try to gather all those coins when you run if you won't use them. Once I have an abundance of coins, I do something nice like get the surfer a new look or but a new hoverboard or enhance my super skills. That's how life should be. Your race might be cut short at any time so take your time to enjoy the essence of your possessions and achievements. However, it is always wise to spend wisely!

There are so many other things subway surfers taught me but unfortunately, I'll do you the favor of not letting you know cuz many of you might have short reading spans and my aim is to please and not to bore. Try to learn a lesson from every and any thing. There's a lesson in every laughter, cry, song, game, cackle, babble or even dance. Take some time to be quiet in the midst of the chaos and the excitement and draw out the stories or lessons from every element. Life is more than an act, it is an art.
  Btw, I've been having a hard time beating my high score which is 537 300. Just so you know. *grins*


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