Sunday, October 27, 2013


I'm starting to think again and I'll share my thoughts with you.
Here it goes,
Disappointments are a way of asking 'why the he'll are you so trusting?'
You don't get to feel disappointed if you expected the situation. So why don't we just save ourselves the heartache and expect the unexpected?

It has been established that we live in a world of impossible possibilities
So why are we always so surprised when we collide with the unconventional?
A life devoid of mutation is a mirage.
Always remember that reality defies default settings.
You can even surprise yourself!

Don't expect love without envisioning hate.
Don't speak of life without remembering death.
Don't go ahead to trust without expecting betrayal.
Always remember words alongside their opposites.
Life's like an arrow shot into the sky; you never know who gets hit on the return trip...
There's no freaking insurance policy.

So here it is:
Stop whining about getting disappointed all the time!
Start expecting the unexpected.
Its sad but true;
No one is promised tomorrow

Even good stuff have a way of taking you unawares.
Get past the murk,
And you've got yourself a clear sky.

So when life screws you over.
Get back up and return the favor...
And when it treats you right,
Be sure to reciprocate.

Open your eyes to possibilities...
They forget the balance in nature.


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