Wednesday, December 3, 2014


It is more than sucking in invisible air.
It is more than the force that keeps the heart pumping.
It is more than flaring nostrils to acquire gases that will sustain you.
It is the romance between elements, and more.
It is the breath of God running through us.
It is more than just oxygen.
It is more than the bi-products of plants
It is more than the gas that flares up fire.
It is more than the air that fills the cylinder by the bedside of a dying man.
It is God saying “No resource is a waste; the plants don’t want it doesn’t mean you don’t need it.”
It is the element without which the soul and spirit would be homeless lot.
It is life travelling up tubes struggling with the death trying to claim the sick.
It is more than just oxygen.
It is more than a colorless, odorless gas.
It is more than just a component of water.
It is more than the 20 elements chemistry students sing about every day.
It is more than the emptiness you gulp as soon as your face rises above water.
It is more than just air as we call it.
It is the power of God made alive in us.
It is the most basic example of how purity enlivens a body and even a soul.
It is the most fascinating instance of God’s love for us, freely given and never ending.
It is the peace of God reinvigorating our being continually; Take a deep breath and tell me you don’t feel it.
It is God’s simple way of saying “I am essential”; If you can’t live without His breath, why do you think you can live without him?
It is God saying “My breath is soluble. No matter what, you need me to be.”
It is the facet that underlines our existence as gods made after His image and likeness.
It is freedom thriving in its most fundamental form, swimming into bellies and exuding verve.
No matter how you look at it,

It is more than just oxygen.

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